An Irish artist, Wendy Moore is a self-taught Irish painter and poet.

Wendy lives in Cork, Ireland and has been creating paintings with poems for many years.

Wendy layers her paintings to create depth and movement and works in all mediums particularly oils.  In her paintings, you will keep discovering new colours and new movement. Each painting is intriguing, soothing and full of colours to move you.

Another art form this artist loves is poetry and Wendy has been writing poetry for many years.  Wendy writes a poem for each painting she creates.  In her poems you will find different meanings and messages to soothe and evoke.

This artist also has a love for quotes.  In this book you will find quotes under each painting.  Each quote is specially  chosen, to bring meaning and inspiration to Wendys’ artwork.


100 Years of Pride

President Higgins has asked me to thank you for the Painting and Poem ‘100 Years of Pride’, which was recently presented to him. The President very much appreciates your thoughtfulness and sends his good wishes.

-Helen Walsh


Light of Christ

I am the Proud owner of INSPIRATION! I renamed the painting THE LIGHT OF CHRIST because I immediately saw a cross in the centre of the sunshine. I am fascinated by the power of the sun that emits power and life to all things. When I pray, I love to look up at the sun and imagine Christ standing behind the sun; so, naturally, this painting is Sacred to me.

I live in the USA but my father’s family immigrated to America a century ago from Ireland! When I searched for a Special painting, I was immediately drawn to Wendy’s magnificent creation.  I was delighted to imagine how my Irish roots, through Wendy, would Grace my home as well as Bless it.

Wendy and I have become friends and we are looking forward to meeting each other someday. How lovely life can be sometimes! Wendy has given me a closer relationship to my God and my Roots through her artful and poetic talents. She has touched my life with Joy…..a true Artist.

– Terecia Helm


Trippy oil and acrylic painting from the Kindness book

I was delighted with the painting Trippy which I commissioned from Wendy. This beautiful painting was just what I wanted it is fun colourful and interesting. It is displayed in my clinic for all my customers to admire.

-Adam Barlow

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